Controversial Pedi rapper Eetz Blaq has announced that he will release new single Tsotsi on 29-April-2021, and dropped new merchandise with the same title and artwork. Eetz Blaq is known for making bold statement in his songs and believes in producing quality music that matches with artwork and merchandise.

We had a chit-chat with him about this and that:

SHFT CLTR: What first got Eetzblaq into the music scene and was sePedi rap always your first option?EETZBLAQ: Hip-hop got Eetz Blaq into the music and Pedi rap came later into the picture after Vic Mash and Blazey Fresh advised him to.

Whoinspired you to start recording and performing music and what is your most vivid memory of the first hip-hop song you will never forget?

EETZBLAQ : A friend DaMonk (Khananda Thetjeng) took Eetz Blaq to the studio after hearing him freestyle and also started a crew with him called Silvafrost015 in 2010. A song called ‘it’s just hip hop’ which we traveled from Limpopo to Gauteng to record professionally with DaMonk.

SHFT CLTR: How would you describe your sound and what is your(honest) opinion of the state of sePedi rap?

EETZBLAQ: The sound that I do is taken from the 90’s basic snare, kicks and drums then we added the latest chants and leads to it. We modernized hip hop but stayed away from the typical trap. Hooks are made normally with two languages or more to accommodate the new school and the old school into the sound. The only tribal thing we add to my sound is on the lyrics and approach on music notes. My honest opinion is that is growing and it will take over the world sooner than expected.

SHFT CLTR: What type of artist is Eetzblaq and who is the musically associated with; and what would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

EETZBLAQ: Yssen, Tidbiit, Zub Zero, Decker, Mopedy, Space Munna and Vic Mash. People turn to think I’m a Skrr Skrr and I dont look like I sound like my voice.

SHFT CLTR: Tell us more about your new singles “Majin BU” and “Mpatele”?What are they all about and what was the creative process while creating the songs? 

EETZBLAQ: Majin buu expresses the challenges that every young man faces while trying to become a better person in our current generation and society but I did with humor added to it of course a touch of music to it. Mpatele is an anthem that relates to everyone because I picked it up from daily conversations about how many runs our lives and we always have that one person who owes us but will never pay back.

SHFT CLTR: Are you working on any EP or album- and when are you more likely to release your next project? 

EETZBLAQ: I have 2 done and 2 plus a half done I’m only struggling with releasing them due to timing and platforms i need to do so. I plan to release later this year or early next year along with a few music videos.

SHFT CLTR: The South African music industry is highly competitive and everyone seems to be putting out music and collaborating more to cross-pollinate the audience. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

EETZBLAQ: Personally, I’d like to reach out to Dj’s like Speedsta, Dimples, and the kings of the weekend or cross-genre and venture into King Monada and Makhadzi to tap into a market that’s more different from mine.

 SHFT CLTR: Speculation is rife that hip-hop music in South Africa has taken a nosedive in the last year or so and genres like aMapiano have taken over. What is your opinion on that and do you think genres should be compared in terms of influence?

EETZBLAQ: Personally, I think it’s only mind over matter people turn to focus on what they see rather than actually checking the numbers and the successes that happened in the hip hop side of things. Amapiano got the hype and attention but the likes of Nasty C managed to break boundaries, Master Kg is literally making waves across the world so that proves that the Amapiano wave only exists or has more when you follow what you see on social media.

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