King Monada and Peulwane talk beef, cars, music, etc

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King Monada and friend Peulwane seem to have kissed and made up. This is evident in a conversation the two share while driving around their village and King Monada capture all of it on his mobile phone via Facebook live post.
King Monada and Peulwane started becoming friends a few years ago when the Idibala superstar spotted Peulwane who was become popular for his funny comments. They started hanging out and recorded songs together but that was short-lived when King Monada and his manager Albert Makwela were forced to fire Peulwane for ‘reckless behavior including allegedly leaving King Monada’s then 5-year-old son Junior unattended when he is supposed to be in his care.
But all that seems to be water under the bridge as the two spoke about everything beef, music, and cars.

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